Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sun, Sea & Surf

My little mermaid & i are both dreaming of some real fun basking in the sun, burying our feet under smooth powdery white sand, taking in the see breeze & sipping a tall glass of ice cool fresh watermelon juice! Ooh island life, how we miss you...

For a session of fun shots like these, head over to JeanLam Photography

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Esmeria Soothing Organics Gentle Anti-bac Handwash

Buds Organics, sister brand Esmeria is launching its Gentle Antibac Handwashes suitable for adults as well as kids, especially those with sensitive conditions. The Handwash are effective in cleansing, naturally anti bacterial & gentle to the skin.

With the outbreak of hand foot mouth diseases cases recently, i am even more vigilant especially with the kids, in keeping good hygiene.

Not to get overly paranoid but germs do travel easily and can be found on common places like doorknobs, escalator railing, tables & phones.

The easiest & fastest form of defense is something we already routinely do. Washing our hands!
Not just a quick rinse but a thorough one.

Cute infographics like the one below teaches kids on the importance of keeping good hand hygiene & the proper way to wash.

infographic by

Here's a special TREAT for you!
Enjoy a special promo price of RM12 only (normaly price RM26.90) by purchasing HERE by using coupon code "YVONNE" during check out.

And because the packaging is so pretty & each bottle oozes out a soothing, refreshing scent after, it makes a lovely, practical gift for friends!

BLOKKE @ Citta Mall, PJ

Newly opened, Blokke is a well though-out space.
Cafe + Playhouse + Shop all in one.
Built for everyone aged 4 - 99!

Bright colored happy space which house a cafe serving milkshake (build your own), waffles, coffee, tea, cakes.

Ample lounge area for parents in need of a time-out while the kids roam the playground (@ RM15/ per kid).

There's also a section with free bricks for all to play (duplo & lego).

A rack of neatly arranged Lego books, magazines & catalogs for browsing or reading.

Various Lego sets are available for rent by the hour.
And not forgetting sets & toys you can purchase when you're there as well.

Blokke also caters for parties.
Party room rental starts @ RM200 (fits 15-20 pax).
If you are thinking of a party of below 50, you can opt to rent half the cafe @ RM500.
If it's a larger party of 50 & above, the whole cafe can be rented @ RM1,000.

Venue booking entitles customer to discounted weekend rate of RM15/per child.
And if you book the whole cafe, guests are entitled to free playground entry.

Party menu @ RM20-RM30/per pax.
Option of Western, Asian, or Fusion.

Staff are friendly & approachable, so feel free to ask if you'd like to find out more on the party packages & menu.

There were also Lego Education classes running last weekend and we registered the kids for a trial class.

Thursday, June 30, 2016


I've come to realize spontaneous trips often turn out the most satisfying & enjoyable.
Those that aren't planned with an itinerary, but only an appetite for discovery.

On the last public holiday, all i wanted to do was to be outdoors with the family.
No specific place in mind. Just spending the day leisurely spending time together & being close to nature.
Heading to a picnic spot or waterfalls were too much of work in terms of the aftermath ie cleaning up etc so on the morning itself we decided on Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam (formerly known as Bukit Cahaya), not far from home. 

There were bicycles for rent, a stone's throw away from the entrance of the park. 
We arrived approx 10:30am. Bikes suitable for Luke's size were already taken but managed to find one that was just a little too big but still manageable for him.

Rental rates: 
RM10 per bike/per hour (adult/kids)
RM15 per bike/per hour (with child seat)
Additional hour @ RM1/per hour

Confession: I don't remember the last time i exercised aside from my daily ritual of having to walk up our 5 flight of staircase. So you seriously won't want to imagine a totally out of shape mom carrying a 17kg load behind pedaling frantically up a hill. Thank God daddy has better stamina. Oh, but she was still a load to be reckon with. 

The ride up was made worth it by the thrill of going downhill, with the swooping winds against your face. I tell ya, the thrill of seeing Luke's expression was priceless. A little rewind: we made sure we taught him to familiarize with the brakes first!

We really enjoyed being under the canopies of trees, pausing for a moment to take in the fresh air. The kids were fascinated with a porcupine road sign and their eyes were diligently scouting out hoping to see one. We didn't see any but we were excited to find Skytrex nestled in the "woods". 

I've read about Skytrex some time back. i had planned to go over the last Dec school holidays but it didn't materialized.
We parked our bikes and enquired about the tickets. It was priced at RM40/per person (beginner level) but was told if we purchased it online at least a day before, it would be at RM35. Since we were already there and it won't be very soon that we'd make a trip back again, and the fact that we were there just in time before a large group came in so there was still slots available for us, we decided to go for it. 

geared up in our harnesses looking like a family of martians from outer space

learning how to use their harnesses & independently hook them on before the real thing

flying fox

Our conclusion: It was worth every cent! To see the awe & wonderment in your child's eyes as they try out things that are new to them. To see how they started out apprehensive but within minutes, confidently maneuvering between the challenges. It was an activity the whole family were involved in & it was fun to cheer each other on.

I must say the instructors we were assigned to were really good with kids. Luke & Leah themselves said their friendly & encouraging personality made them felt at ease & gave them the confidence to want to attempt the challenges.

One of those days, on the ride home, super thankful for a day of rest, beautiful weather, for a family, and precious memories.


Oh, and did i mention they host parties?!:)

cool party space

Entrance rates:
Taman Botani Fee @ RM3/per adult, RM1/per child
Skytrex Fee @ RM35/per person (beginner level - fun & easy - 25 challenges)
*Group booking of 10 or more gets a 10% discount
(Opens daily except on Mondays)

Friday, April 8, 2016

BUDS Oralcare Organics - Monstrously Good Stuff!

These colorful, fuzzy, wide-smile monsters with little toothbrushes in hand are here on a mission to revolutionize toothbrushing!
Getting little children started on a lifelong journey of good oral care has just gotten a whole lot easier, not to mention super FUN!

Ta-da! Introducing Buds Oralcare Organics.
Preservative-free, mild, safe yet effective & having NO nasties like sodium lauryl sulphate, artificial sweeteners & flavors.

I recently attended the launch at Mad About Coco, Publika & came home with a few tips on caring for childrens' teeth.

(1) With sippy cups, liquid stays in the mouth for a long time. Introduction to cup from sippy cup should not be delayed.

(2) In my opinion, to deprive kids of sugared treats = deprived childhood ;)
I like the way orthodontist, Dr Bernard Low puts it.
Limiting the frequency = limiting the total amount of sugar, would be more practical.
Eg, instead of a pack of m&m's throughout the day, a small bar of chocolate after lunch would be a better choice.

(3) Children below 2 yrs @ should use "flouride free" toothpaste
Children above 2 yrs @ should switch to flouride to fight against caries & gum disease

Light hearted & informative presentation by Dr Bernard Low

I'm not a die-hard label reader, but i think it's increasingly important to know what goes into the products we're using.
Buds Oralcare Organic is formulated with Xylitol + Flouride + Aloe Vera + Hydrated Silica.

What is xylitol?
natural sweetener derived from a plant

Is flouride a bad guy?
BUDS take a balanced view on the use of flouride toothpaste. Flouride is essential in strengthening hard tissues of the tooth. And safe when used in controlled dosage.

Aloe vera leaf juice & silica cleanses & soothes teething gums.

Popular local comedian Harith Iskandar & his family were invited to share their childrens' experiences
Buds' user Maryanne's testimonial -
The effects of chemo made her son develop multiple mouth ulcers. The various toothpaste she tried stung the ulcers & made brushing really difficult. Buds organic toothpastes were mild yet cleaned effectively. 

Attractive packaging helps sell to kids. No doubt, i too was smitten by the toofmonsters!
I am personally a sucker when it comes to packaging. I've toned down over the years but still think that folks who pay attention to packaging takes great pride in what they are offering.

pint-size samples. too cute!

The media pack came with a little activity book. I tell ya.. leah couldn't wait to get started on it! It was so brilliantly put together & well thought out. Includes a step-by-step guide to doodle your own Toofmonster, as well as crossword puzzle, story & a really cool toothbrushing chart which got leah diligently brushing since. I found it too be an immensely helpful tool in educating children & giving them a head start to good oral hygiene.

# special thanks to Jean of JeanLamPhotography
for all the beautiful shots above.

Buds Oralcare Organic range comes in 4 fruity flavors ~ 
Green Apple, Strawberry, Blackcurrant & Peppermint.
Luke tried the Blackcurrant & came out of the bathroom wide-eyed, "Mommy, it tastes like gummies! So cool!"

The price of Buds Oralcare Organics range are as follow:-
Oral Gel for Baby Teeth & Gums (0-1 years old) - 30ml @ RM29.90
Children's Tootpaste with Xylitol (1-3 years old) - 50ml @ RM32.90
Children's Tootpaste with Flouride (3-12 years old) - 50ml @ RM32.90

Monday, April 4, 2016

Pool Floats

Now, you've probably seen images of adorable sprinkled colored donuts popping on your feeds these days. No, i'm not referring to the edible ones. I'm talking about the new craze in town - floating donuts. Say what? 

I've seen the watermelon, pink flamingo & hugely popular white swan.
Yes, i'm talking about pool floats!

photo via poolfloatsmy

I stumbled upon these giant cuties recently and better news, they are based here in kl.
And... there are up for rent!
Current rate is @ RM70/each for 3-days rental.
Apparently, you'd get a good rate if you rent for a longer period or more than one float.
The floats are also for sale.

photo via poolfloatsmy
So, if you're looking to going for a family weekend getaway, honeymoon, or hosting a pool party - the floats double up as splendid photo props too.

They get booked really quickly so if you're planning for the holidays & thinking of renting, i suggest you hurry :)

photo via poolfloatsmy

Happy Tummies @ Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar

As far as I could remember, my first introduction to waffles must have been A&W's.

A&W drive in was one of our family's favorite hang out place in the 80s.
I distinctly remember dad's green Ford, windows wind down, my sis & i bopping up & down in the vehicle, excitedly awaiting the waiter coming with a tray laden with a tall cold mug of root beer float and a plate of warm classic waffle, complete with butter & maple syrup. We were content!

Fast forward 3 decades later...
I was feeling a bit nostalgic when i finally visited FLUFFED CAFE & DESSERT BAR to give my own 2 kids & hubby a treat since it's the big boy's birthday.

pic via Fluffed Cafe
Nestled in a fairly old neighborhood, not far from where i grew up, sits Fluffed.
It's tucked in between ordinary shophouses and that appealed to me because it had this subtle quiet charm.

I have always had a thing for large windows that lets in generous amount of natural light. Fluffed had that - plus a panel of white washed brick wall.

I first noticed their beautiful, enticing photos on my instagram feed. I know sometimes photos play up the actual dish but i'm so thrilled to share that the first bite was all it took to win our hearts (and tastebuds)!

The waffle-ice cream joints that we've been to, we are served a nice waffle, topped with a dollop of ice cream., and perhaps one or two toppings. Fluffed takes waffles to a whole new level.

Their ice creams too are made with 100% natural ingredients.
We were recommended their newly launched Tau Fu Fa ice cream 
Creamy tofu & soymilk ice cream with ginger-infused gula Melaka syrup. 
A refreshing take from the traditional. Highly recommend this!

Tau Fu Fa ice cream {pic via Fluffed}
We also tried the Pooh Bear's Favourite @ RM18.
hokeypokey icecream + salted caramel + crushed honeycomb + fruits

The marriage of salted caramel & sweet honeycomb gave the waffle such a nice crunch.
I can imagine Pooh Bear giving two thumbs up along with his 2 feet up in the air for approval!
It was that good!

Pooh Bear's Favourite {pic via Fluffed Cafe}

I'm always drawn to business startup stories so I did a little interview with the man behind Fluffed to find out how this dessert place came to be. With a nutrition background, Charles worked in sales for 8 months but didn't find his passion there. He took to baking from home and started an online bakery under the name Charles Cakes & Confectionaries. After 3 years of baking, he decided to work as a barista to gain some experience. Last November, Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar was born. Today, they are still striving to make everything in the shop themselves to give patrons a taste & experience real, authentic homemade desserts.

We can't wait to visit again to try out their other fairytale inspired waffles eg Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland & handcrafted ice creams. They serve cakes, macarons & coffee too!

Happy Tummies @ Go Thai, SS2

To celebrate our April Fool big boy's birthday, we decided to take a trip "back to our hometown" to savor some much talked about recommendations.
We braved through the traffic & rain on a week-day-school-day evening to try out these 2 places in pj which has been on our "eat-out" list for some time.
And, happy to say we weren't disappointed!

Our first stop was GO THAI, SS2 .
The interior of the place was simple, decorated with Thai knick knacks. We were greeted by warm smiles. Staff were garbed in traditional daily work Thai attire and you'll hear Thai being spoken amongst the workers. Reminded us of our wonderful Chiangmai trip.

We like the offerings of Thai street fare here. They don't have an extensive menu but it works for us as it saves us the headache of not knowing what to order. With their no frills menu, we got down to ordering quite quickly & food came in a jiffy. Bonus... it's all reasonably priced.

We had the following:
pic via Go Thai

Moo Ping @ RM10 for 3 pcs
Charcoal grilled pork fillet ~ tender & juicier version of the chinese dried meat "yok kon".
This was the kids' favorite.

Moo Thad Khathiam @ RM9
Deepfried pork slices in garlic sauce + rice + fried egg

Khao Ka Moo @ RM10
Stewed pork leg with rice + egg

Phad Mee Korat @ RM9
A korat version of Phad Thai

Our dinner was washed down with icy cold glasses of Thai Longan (RM4) & Iced Milk Tea (RM4).

Luke, being the "clean-pot" that he is will always grade coffeeshop/restaurants based on its cleanliness (not that he is very clean to begin with, a typical boy.. but he has this peculiar thing for cleanliness in places we eat including washrooms. It was quite amusing to see him excitedly reporting to his sister on the cleanliness of the floor, the see-through kitchen & even washroom! This place is a winner for us cos they have our vote on all 3: taste, price, cleanliness.

We wanted to order the Tub Thim Krob (famous thai red rubies dessert) but had to save precious tummy space as we were heading for waffles & ice cream!

The must have and I had this ordered x2 because it was just too good! Charcoal grilled pork fillet or the BBQ pork fillet appeared in shinny glossy brown, scented with a sweet-smelling smoky flavour and it was meaty with chunks of fatty layers in the pork fillet. A little bit like the Chinese BBQ dried meat (yok gon) which was sweeten and smoky, but this version one was tender and juicier. - See more at:
The must have and I had this ordered x2 because it was just too good! Charcoal grilled pork fillet or the BBQ pork fillet appeared in shinny glossy brown, scented with a sweet-smelling smoky flavour and it was meaty with chunks of fatty layers in the pork fillet. A little bit like the Chinese BBQ dried meat (yok gon) which was sweeten and smoky, but this version one was tender and juicier. - See more at:


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